Ty Crandall is a world-renowned speaker, educating and teaching audiences of hundreds to thousands of attendees on how they can obtain the most capital for their business at the best terms.

Attendees to event’s Ty speaks at rave about his eye-opening and mind-blowing presentations that reveal insider industry secrets about how the consumer and commercial credit systems work and how business owners can qualify for corporate credit, credit lines, and loans.

Ty simplifies the complex world of business capital so audiences leave with actionable training they can immediately use to get the money they need to start and grow a business.

Ty speaks on a wide array of topics including:

  • How to establish and build business credit profiles
  • How to use business credit to obtain loans and credit lines
  • Understanding and controlling commercial credit scores
  • How to get business credit for an EIN that’s not linked to an SSN
  • 27 types of business financing that most entrepreneurs don’t know
  • How to fix damaged commercial credit reports
  • How to establish FUNDABILITY to become more lendable
  • How to start a business from scratch
  • How to grow a business to 8-figures and beyond

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In doing so, your attendees can leave your event with vast knowledge of how to obtain corporate credit and funding while having a memorable and enjoyable experience.