Ty Crandall is one of the most popular published authors on the topics of consumer and business credit.

Ty has published hundreds of articles on credit related topics covering topics like consumer and business credit scoring, business credit building, consumer credit improvement, and consumer and business law.

Perfect Credit 

Ty’s book Perfect Credit is one of the best-selling books on consumer credit today, and a reader favorite on Perfect Credit is a refreshing look into how consumer and business credit really work. Readers enjoy a walk-through of the credit reporting and scoring system and learn what they can do to master their own credit.

In Perfect Credit readers discover how their credit rights are protected by numerous consumer laws. And they learn what can be done to improve their own credit through disputing and advanced credit improvement tactics. Readers also learn a little about how corporate credit works, and how they can build their own credit profile for their business.

Perfect Credit leaves readers empowered with the knowledge, tools, and know how to build and keep exceptional personal and business credit profiles and scores.


Business Credit Decoded

Ty’s most popular book Business Credit Decoded is an insider’s guide on how to build an exceptional business credit score and profile for any business. This book reveals how a business owner can be approved for tens-of-thousands of dollars in revolving credit cards and credit lines in their business name without a personal guarantee or personal credit check.

In Business Credit Decoded readers discover insider secrets of the business credit world. They learn how business credit scoring really works and learn little-known facts about all three business credit reporting agencies including Dun & Bradstreet. Readers also learn the exact steps they need to follow to create their own corporate credit file, and how to secure large amounts of cash funding for their business.

Business Credit Decoded is one of the most read books on business credit ever written. Readers leave the book with the knowledge they need to build their own business credit that is linked to their EIN, not their SSN. Readers commonly boast about their ability to take what they have learned from this powerful book, apply it, and secure a massive abundance of credit and funding for their business.

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