Welcome to Running of the Bulls 2022

Pamplona Spain 🇪🇸
4 Nights
July 4-8
$5,200 per person

What to Expect

Every year there’s a special 9-day festival in Pamplona Spain named Sanfermines.

People come from around the world to celebrate and enjoy parties, parades, exhibitions like stone lifting and wood cutting, bull fighting, and of course the most popular event… the Running of the Bulls.

The most adventurous of us will take to the streets daily as 6 or more bulls weighing thousands of pounds hurdle towards us.

The smartest of our group will be sipping wine safely as they watch and mock from our rooms above the streets.

Then everyone will come together to enjoy the festivities, food, the unique culture of Pamplona Spain, and the company of amazing group whose going.

WARNING! Running of the Bulls has been a tradition of Pamplona since 1591. Due to COVID, it didn’t happen in 2020 or 2021.

That’s why this is predicted to be the most EPIC run of them all… and we’ll be there!

A Little Taste

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