Expert Witness

Ty Crandall Ty Crandall currently serves as the Director of Credit Services at Credit Suite, and is a nationally recognized expert on corporate credit, corporate credit reporting, business credit building, and business credit scoring. In addition to his vast experience in corporate credit and finance, Ty also serves as an expert witness and legal consultant for clients involved in related litigation.

Ty has over 16 years in the finance industry including building Credit Suite, which is now one of the nationwide leading providers of business credit services. Ty has authored hundreds of articles and written two popular books on business credit Perfect Credit and Business Credit Decoded.

Ty is often featured as a business credit authority on radio shows as well as online and social media.

Relevant Experience at Credit Suite- Helped create the industry-leading business credit platform the Business Finance Suite, built and oversees a large advising and coaching team which helps businesses establish corporate credit, created and helps run a multi-million dollar business finance division, and overseen the business credit building of over 4,500 businesses.

Relevant Experience at Elite Credit- Created and oversaw a personal consumer credit company, consult clients and lenders on FCRA and FACTA law and application, helped consumers with legally improving credit profiles and scores, and consulted with lenders regarding removal of inaccurate and unverifiable consumer reported credit items

Ty is a popular speaker and commonly is invited to events related to business credit building, reporting, and, scoring. Ty is also the business credit authority and main speaker at the Credit Boot Camp which is currently the largest credit training event in the country.